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"It's sexy, it's shiny..the UK's best kept secret"
- Ben Bartlett Guitarist 2000 -
reviewing G1 Vibrato


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Prince... Prince

Like every other lover of music, guitar and all things funky, I was deeply shocked to hear the news about Prince yesterday. It was particularly poignant for me though as one of the last known photos of Prince pictures him showing off a guitar I'd built for him to an audience at Paisley Park last Saturday.

The Purple Special I built for Prince was the ultimate expression of my G1 design and every aspect tailored to suit him. Focussed as he was on solo piano recently, I was nevertheless so looking forward to seeing him rip it up on that guitar as only he could and am devastated to think that won't happen now.

He liked the design and had asked if I could make him a bass version. I sent some pictures for him to look at and he ordered a black and gold four string which I'd just started building over the last few days. He'd left the specification to me and I had some ideas for it that I think he would have liked and would have made for a cool I feel his loss personally, even though I never met him and mourn the passing of one of the greatest musicians and guitarists ever.

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