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"The Gus G1 was very difficult to put down"
- Tim Slater Guitarist 1994 -
reviewing G1 Vibrato


G1 Piezo

The G1 Piezo combines its high quality hand-wound Gus tube pickups with RMC's superb piezo pickups. This is effectively 'two guitars in one', as we've designed a unique wiring system to enable you to run the magnetic and piezo pickups out to separate amplifiers via a split 'Y' lead, so the piezos can go to a specialist acoustic amp and the magnetics to your favourite regular guitar amp.

The body construction features exactly the same rigid carbon fibre and resonant Cedar tone-wood core as other G1 models, giving the G1 Piezo superb definition and string-to-string clarity with the kind of underlying warmth that ensures both piezo and magnetic tones project with a strong, yet musical authority.

G1 Piezo
G1 PiezoG1 PiezoG1 PiezoG1 PiezoG1 PiezoG1 PiezoG1 Piezo
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