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"Plugging the Gus Baritone in..isn't quite a spirtual experience - but it's one that's not too far removed"
- Marcus Leadley The Guitar Magazine 2001 -
reviewing G1 Baritone


G1 Seven

If you tend to favour the thicker strings on a guitar...this one should please you! With the G1 Seven the benefits of our carbon fibre over Cedar construction really come into their own. Superb definition and string-to-string clarity give this guitar a huge voice, that projects clean or driven tones with equal assuredness.

Equipped with a hardtail bridge and twin Gus tube humbuckers, plus the same flexible switching system as the Hardtail, the G1 Seven can handle a wide variety of musical situations, though those low-down power chords are always beckoning! The Seven also features a 24 fret slinky Cocobolo fingerboard to help make the most of it!

G1 Seven
G1 SevenG1 SevenG1 SevenG1 SevenG1 SevenG1 SevenG1 Seven
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